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It is impossible to list all of the petitions protesting the Donald Trump presidency, his cabinet of snakes & authoritarian advisors; Trump's personal views and apparent conflicts of interest; his almost continual stream of lies/falsehoods; his constant demeaning of the press as the enemy of the people; his dangerous incompetence in goverance; his ignorance of reality; his lack of knowledge in regard to economics, foreign & domestic policy and even the US Constitution itself. But, the number of such petitions probably exceeds 10,000 and, perhaps, over 10,000,000 signatures.

suggest you go to the links of progressive organizations listed on our Internet Portal. You will find that virtually all of them have a petition that is relevant to their priority concerns, though there are many others as well. We suggest that you do not start a petition if it is not likely to collect at least 100,000 of its own signatures, because that amount can warrant a reply from the White  House itself. In that case, you would be better off directing potential signers to other, existing petitions. However, if you do want to establish a new petition, popular sites include:; &

 Starting a petition at one of these sites is easy, and they make it easy to post updates and otherwise manage the petition & process. However, do keep in mind that the wording of the petition itself can make it a winner, or not, among potential signers. Become familiar with the writing and language used in the larger petitions and get a good writer to help you compose it if you have trouble writing it yourself. Be literate, keep is simple but forceful, and try to be inclusive with your word, but do make it a call to action, for others who share your beliefs.

Some of the largest petitions (& counting):'s "World Letter to Trump" protesting his policies: +4.200,000 signatures

Petition to the British Parliament protesting Trumps future visit to the UK: +1,800,000 signatures,

Petition to the WH demanding release of Trump tax returns: +1,070,000 signatures (WH must respond to +100,000 petitioners).
Petition to Congress for Trump Impeachment Investitions for violation of US Constitution regarding conflicts of interest:
+/-900,000 signatures

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